Importance of good League of Legends Tier Lists

Tier Lists have to be well made to provide the most accurate information to it’s user and help him climb in games. Utilising picks from tier lists with not accurate information will only cause harm to the player making his situation even worse than before using the tierlist since it is misleading and will guide him to play the game in the wrong manner.


The Most Accurate League of Legends Tier List ever witnessed

For a year or so, I have been using a site that offers the best lol champion tier list and shows you which champions are doing optimally and sub-optimally while also being separated by lanes, that is, Top, Mid, Bot, Support and jungle tier list, helping players who are only interested in a specific lane.


Champion Pool

Climbing in ranks definitely require individual skill and understanding of the game, and staring at a tier list won’t do all the work. To climb higher ranks, you really need to focus firstly in your champion pool because you do not want to play champions that are not in that good of a position in the game and put yourself at an advantage if you want to climb, despite still being able to win and climb with any champion, because there’s no need to put yourself to any setbacks.


Trades, Backing and making Efficient Decisions.


Look to make trades with your opponent laner while also focusing on getting your minions. Trades are short bursts and not just going RAMBO, full on fire in the laning phase. Don’t overstay in your games unnecessarily. Learn to take small leads in your favour that add up than trying to make huge big plays and putting yourself at risk. But if you are looking for something more to add up to your lead, be efficient around it. Suppose you get a kill, think about what you can get next immediately, perhaps a tower? Or maybe even Baron Nashor with your team’s help and cooperation. You need to look to get something after the first initial payout of gold.


Make Champion picks to carry yourself higher in ranks and don’t be highly reliant on your team


You also want to be playing champions that can carry, so champions that are completely damage-based or champions that are bit tanky as well and do a considerable amount of damage too(called bruisers). You need to compensate for people who are feeding and have a troll-playstyle. It’s something inevitable and it’s gonna happen, just have to play around it.


Confidence and Faith in yourself


Players in divisions like Gold tend to be too humble and lack confidence. And confidence is really important, and without it you’re gonna hesitate, you won’t be able to make the play because you doubt yourselves. This is quite hard to fix, but you have to understand that if you are in Gold, you are actually somewhat good at this game being the top 25-30% of the players in terms of ranking.

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