Fixing Kodi Server Streaming Authorization ? Are you getting this error message on your kodi addon. Don’t worry this article all about how to fix kodi streaming authorization within your kodi software. Before that i would like to discuss brief on what is https olpair com.  earlier days they are not allowing to access movies and tv shows from kodi but, now they are allowing to use and watch their content by paring our ip with vshare eu pair. below read little discussion about olpair. is helps to watch movies from openload server. contain thousands of movies and tv shows, and they upload new content frequently. To use their content we no need to provide any personal and information or even don’t need to register. Just one click enough to access their content.

Fix Https:// Kodi Error With In Kodi Addon

Sounds good right? Yes we can fix this error with in the addon. This method you can use in any popular addon and very simple to remember and best way to ride olpair kodi error.

  1. Open your “Kodi Application”, And go to “Addons”
  2. Choose your favorite addon from video addons list
  3. Now select “Settings” Then Choose “Playback”
  4. Now scorll down and “Turn OFF” Hosters With Caption” option
  5. Now Click On “OK” which is the right side corner.

Done, you no loger get that streaming athurization from openload of site. One of simple and rediable Kodi And kodi Error Streaming follow that and fix it In the internet many guides of their but nothing had worked to me. That’s why i tried my self and found this best way to ride on that paring error.

Why We Get That Https:// Error on Kodi

Actually this authorization many source provider never ask but few providers are asking such as and Above we had Learnt how to fix error. Now we are going to know “Is the necessary to pair our “IP” with them?”

My Awnser is “NO” we can simple ignore that pop up error of olpair. Because we have many sources to stream that movie on kodi. Suppose if we have only 3 source’s to stream that movie in out of 3, 2 is not working then remaing one is olpair?

Then we need to “Pair” our ‘”IP” with their website. because there is only one option. So, we should need to do that. if have many sources we can simple need to do above method to get ride on that error.

Again Getting Stream authorization error Error?

Very simply we can fix this error. This error mostly come up with cache and provider cache. All we need to do is clear cache and provider cache. If you don’t know how to do the read below steps.

  • Open “Kodi” and go to “addons”
  • Then choose your “Addon” and go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Tools” now do “Clear Cache” and “Provider Cache”
  • Click On “Ok” option Done. 🙂

I hope you guys had learned the way to fix error and why we are getting this error on our kodi application. If you like this article and need more this kind of information from me then share with article with your friends and encourage me to post more content on this site.

Final Words:

If you facing any other error related to olpair then free feel to comment below about what is the error extly then we will come back with the solution. As we said VPN is must for kodi users and if you looking for any VPN offer then let us know how many months you need.

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