Can I Get KOdi On Roku In Any Device Like PC, Smartphone?

Roku is the best video streaming device. In recent days this Roku device giving the much entertainment to the Roku users with the kodi application. But one doubt has been embarrassing the users, Can we use kodi on Roku? This is the doubt has arisen in the minds of the users. The answer we can say is, no! we can not use kodi on Roku. But with some instructions, you can use the kodi features on your Roku. If you want to get this kodi on Roku into your favourite devices like android smartphone, windows laptop and so on, you need to follow the below steps. But before we going to know about the android and windows we need to know the process to get install kodi on Roku. In the below lines, we are providing the information about it, you can know from that.

Simple Steps To Get Kodi On Roku

As we discussed kodi on Roku topic. We can not use this kodi on your Roku device but There are few steps are there to get the kodi on your Roku device. Just follow them carefully

  1. First of all, you have to go to the Roku home 
  2. Then go for settings option
  3. Now click on system updates( make sure if your Roku is on the updated platform or not)
  4. Next return to settings option
  5. Then choose screen mirroring option
  6. Finally, Enable the screen mirroring option

If you completed the screen mirroring enabled option you can use your kodi on Roku through any of your favourite devices like android smartphone, windows,..etc

Use Kodi On Roku Through Android Smart Phone

kodi is an open source media player and Roku runs on its own Linux based operating system technically it is impossible to install kodi on Roku. But from the below steps, you can use kodi on Roku through the Android smartphone. Just follow the below steps.

  • Go to settings option on your android smartphone
  • Then go to display
  • Select cast option which will send you to mirror the android screen on your smart tv via Roku
  • Now launch your Roku device
  • Go to settings on your Roku device
  • Select screen mirroring option in it
  • Click on it to enable the screen mirroring option
  • Now your android phone will show you your Roku name on your smartphone screen
  • Finally, click on that name

Now kodi is working on your Roku device. Open kodi on your android smartphone and stream all your favourite videos.

Use Kodi On Roku Through Windows Laptop

We are providing the steps to get kodi on Roku for windows 10 laptop. If you are using this version you can follow the below steps to use kodi on Roku through windows laptop.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then go to devices and then go to connected devices which lies on the left-hand side submenu
  3. Now find Add a device option which lies in the top
  4. Then click on Add a device
  5. Make sure that you have enabled the screen mirroring option on your Roku or not. if not enable it immediately
  6. Now launch kodi on your windows and use kodi on Roku

These are the steps to use kodi on Roku through the windows laptop. You can use your favourite Roku device through the windows laptop and other androids smartphones.

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